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The Car Show – the biggest fair event in the field of motorcars in Ljubljana is coming back to Ljubljana, to GR – the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre after almost twenty years.

The show organizers: TheAssociation of Automobile Manufacturers and Authorised Importers of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and GR – the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre 
Time: 27thMarch – 2ndApril 2017 
Estimated exhibition area:12,000 m2, All GR – the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre halls plus three additional on site-mounted halls
Estimated number of visitors: 80,000 to 100,000

The 2017 comeback of the Car Show is one of the signs of the positive economic growth. In the years since the last show the Ford's range has been
fully updated and supplemented by attractive sport models, so we are glad to be able to show it to the general public. In the main spotlight two excellent sport models will be presented, the Focus RS and the legendary Mustang V8 together with the prestigious program Vignale. The Ford's spacious exhibition area will be complemented by attractive models in the Ford range, among them the Slovenian public debut of Ford Ka +. There will be an important focus on presenting the entire range of commercial vehicles, with the emphasis on the new generation of EcoBlue engines that are already in the new Ford Transit and Custom models. There will definitely be a lot of interest in the most successful Ford Ranger pickup that has already had a winning position in the segment for some years.
We, at the Ford, will make sure that every visitor will also be attracted by something in our accompanying program.

Mr. David Jurič, MSCI, the president of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the general manager of Summit Motors Ljubljana d.o.o.

The Car Show has become an urban myth in Slovenia - everybody said that they remembered it but that they hadn't seen it for too long. Unfavourable economic conditions have been preventing us to invest in this biggest motorcar event on the national level for the whole decade.

In 2017, it is time to say firmly: »No more waiting!«

In 2017, it is time to increase the heart rate of automobile Slovenia, to ignite the passion again and show the nicest and the best that boasts in the world's automobile industry.
As one of those, who has been most actively working in the direction of bringing to life the car show, and after many hours of strenuous coordinating, I am one of the most content to be able to announce the 24thSlovenian Car Show to the general public. There is a spring coming that will change the GR –Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre into the most beautiful car show far and wide. We are preparing the car show for all of you who want to see what is new in the automobile world in the easiest and simplest way; to compare the comfort of the, nowadays, so diverse vehicles and together with your dearest, to come to the important decision about you also deserving a change in your garage! 
The year 2017 is the time of the new beginning. Although ten years have passed, the coming show has been given number 24, which makes us remember the tradition of good old times, at the same time expressing a wish for the car show to become a regular, biannual, event. By visiting it this year, you will let us know that Slovenia deserves to have a regular national car show event again.

Mr. Marjan Murn, the vice president of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Authorised Importers and the Renault and Dacia sales director

The organization of the Motor Show in Ljubljana after so many years exactly coincides with the Opel's largest model-offensive. In 2017, in fact, we intend to bring to European markets seven novelties with the slogan "7 in 2017". We believe that many, in the exhibition presented, Opel novelties will attract a great number of visitors that will want to get to know them better.

Mr. Borut Gazvoda, the director of Opel Slovenija

Tudi avtomobilska panoga je v zadnjih letih preživljala težke čase. Vendar se gospodarske okoliščine v Sloveniji izboljšujejo, čutiti je spet optimizem in pozitivno energijo. To se odraža tudi v postopno večjem povpraševanju po novih vozilih. Zato je zdaj pravi čas, da slovenska avtomobilska panoga opozori nase in se po enajstih letih odmora pokaže v najboljši luči na avtosalonu. Izjemno uspešen hrvaški primer iz lanskega leta je pokazal, da si ljudje po dolgem obdobju depresije zelo želijo takšnega dogodka.

Danilo Ferjančič, podpredsednik Sekcije za osebna motorna vozila in generalni direktor Porsche Slovenija d.o.o.

Podjetje Autocommerce, d.o.o. se bo na letošnjem avtomobilskem salonu, ki se po več letih vrača v prestolnico, predstavilo z znamkama Mercedes-Benz in smart. Za Mercedes-Benz, kot premijsko znamko vozil, predstavlja priložnost, da se širši množici predstavi paleta kompaktnih vozil Mercedes-Benz. Vsebinski poudarki bodo na tehnološki, oblikovni in varnostni superiornosti naše palete vozil, ki je hkrati najširša v vsej zgodovini Mercedes-Benza.
Atraktiven razstavni prostor, zanimiv program, široka paleta modelov in unikatna ponudba za stranke. To je cilj, kateremu sledimo. Ker se zavedamo, kako pomembna je vsebina na razstavnem prostoru, bomo pripravili tudi številna presenečenja, ki pa jih v  tem trenutku še ne moremo razkriti.  Poskrbeli bomo tudi za najzahtevnejše kupce, saj bomo razstavili nekatere od najbolj luksuznih vozil, ki se jih na naših cestah le po redko vidi.

Rasto Oderlap, direktor podjetja Autocommerce, d.o.o.

At Hyundai, we welcome the decision to bring the Car Show back to Ljubljana after a long time. We look forward to meeting our potential customers, whom we will be able to present our many new novelties in a slightly different way; the first Hyundai car with hybrid and electric drive Ioniq, the new generation i30 and other refurbished models.

Mr. Marko Kajfež, the sales and marketing director of Hyundai Avto Trade d.o.o. Ljubljana

I believe that the interest in this year's Car Show will be considerable, due to its long absence. As such, it will undoubtedly be one of the year's most important automotive events. It will make it possible to the representatives of automobile brands to present themselves to potential customers in a different way.

Mr. Aleš Marguč, a director of Mazda Motor Slovenija, d.o.o.

I think that the revival of the Motor Show is a good idea. For visitors, it is important that you make the most of models that are for sale on the Slovenian market, viewed from up close. At the same time they will also be able to see some novelties yet to come onto the Slovenian market.

Mr. Peter Mankoč, a marketing manager of the Company A-COSMOS, former swimming champion

At Suzuki Slovenia, we are pleased that after many years the Motor Show is organized again in Slovenia. We believe that in our country there are many car enthusiasts who cannot see international showrooms such as Geneva, Frankfurt or Paris, but they will gladly visit the local fair, where Suzuki will show home audience its entire model range, together with a surprise. We believe that the Ljubljana Car Show will be a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the details of the Suzuki brand and our models, and also, if they wish, to make first steps to a purchase of one of our cars. Thus, in the Suzuki, we really look forward to the Car Show and we welcome visitors to visit our booth in the Hall F.

Mr. Peter Verčič
Magyar Suzuki Zrt.
Branch Office in Slovenia 

The upcoming 24thCar Show is an excellent opportunity to present our company and the automotive brands that we represent, our products as well as services to potential customers or visitors to the show. Our appearance at the Car Show will certainly allow us to obtain new customers and increase sales and it is also a great promotional (marketing) event, because, just in the time of the Show, we are launching some new Peugeot and Citroen models onto the Slovenian market.

Mr. Jožko Tomšič, the general manager of P Automobil Import d.o.o. / C Automobil Import d.o.o.

The Car Show is a chance that after years of pause the automotive brands show a wide range of new vehicles, introduce advanced automotive technology, trends that follow in this industry and all these in one place. We also hope that the Show will provide an opportunity for buyers that will help them decide for eventual purchase of vehicles in 2017.

Mr. Gregor Mauko, the general manager of Toyota Adria d.o.o.



There WILL BE a Slovenian Motor Show in Ljubljana, at GR - the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre!

“No more waiting!” are saying the organizers of the 4th Slovenian Motor Show, the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Authorised Importers of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and GR – the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre  and after 17 years bringing the show of the latest trends in automobile industry into Ljubljana. The show will be held at GR – the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre from the 17th of March to the 2nd of April this year. The show is going to be introduced at the press conference on the 13th of January at 11.00 in the Jurček Hall.

The Car Show is coming back to the GR

At the end of March and in the beginning of April next year GR – the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre will come to life again in the latest trends of automobile industry. A shiny parade of personal vehicles will be shown on the 12,000 square metres of exhibiting areas. The organizers, the Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Authorised Importers of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, and GR – the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre are expecting estimated 100,000 visitors.
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